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YNAB notes


Easy to create trial account

Step 1. Create Budget Categories. Enter a budget spending amount.

Asked me to make a budget before it linked my accounts. So I had to guess my spending on a lot of categories.

10 minutes spent.

Step 2. Add Accounts

Added Georgia’s Own easily. YNAB uses Plaid to link

“Account” is also where I need to add my AMEX card

10 minutes spent

Step 3. "Assign" upcoming spending.

I clicked “Auto Assign” to assign which account to which activity category.

It said everything in my budget was “Funded” which I guess means my bank balance can afford to pay the bill.

Some things it warned me would be “needed eventually” so I assume are not yet “funded” so there’s no current shortfall for that fancy car I’m pretending I’ll buy.

10 Minutes.

Congrats, you Have a Budget!

“Now let’s review how to use it”

It gives me a little slide demonstration of how to set aside (“assign”) money to cover upcoming expenses. It explains the color coding for categories not yet fully funded.

Total setup time 30 minutes.

Let’s see how much of it runs automatically and how much manual entry and cultivating and categorizing of transactions I’ll have to do.

I'll add more to this blog post or link to the follow-up post once I have more to say.

Michael Dayoub, CFP®

Alpha Financial Management

Savannah we meet Hilton Head clients in Bluffton S.C. Atlanta clients in Alpharetta and clients across the US via video meetings.

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