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FAFSA timetable, and help from AI !

In the past, college families could submit their FAFSA in October. For the upcoming school year (begins Fall 2024) the new FAFSA form won't be available until December 31.

But here's the big news. An Artificial Intelligence tool is here to help parents fill out the 2024 FAFSA. Introducing.... WYATT!

I want to help a few families fill out their FAFSA and see how Wyatt makes the process easier. Please send this blog post to your friends and family with college students and have them contact me and I'd be happy to have a Zoom with them as we go through the process together. Also, if they use Wyatt on their own, have them contact me and tell me how it went.

Right now, we can only sign up for Wyatt. On Jan 1, we'll be able to start using it. But this is exciting news for college parents. Way too much financial aid remains unclaimed because the FAFSA is incomplete or incorrect. Wyatt should help. Sign up for it and let me know you did!

Michael Dayoub, CFP® is a fee-only planner in Georgia, and still has one kid in college.

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