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Do you buy small company stocks? Here's why I think you should consider it.

When most people think of investing in the stock market they think of the biggest companies; Amazon, Apple, Google, Boeing, Chase, Walmart, etc.

These are all massive companies, and all part of the S&P 500 index (an index is a basket of stocks). The S&P 500 is meant to track the performance of the largest US public companies, and is a great place to invest your money.

But have you ever heard of the Russell 2000? This is another index (again, a basket of stocks) that is meant to track 2000 smaller public companies.

These companies are still big, big enough to sell ownership shares to the public, but just not as gigantic as those in the S&P 500. In this video I tell you why I think you should consider investing in the Russell 2000, or small company stocks.

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