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Financial Planning
Investment Planning

Alpha Financial Management

Investment Advisor

Comprehensive Financial Planning
Wealth Management 

We help families and business owners make smart decisions about their money to achieve the independence and peace of mind they've earned.

We are Fee Only: No commissions or hidden compensation. Ask us the difference between Fee Only and “fee based”.

We are Fiduciary: Placing the client first. Ask us what Fiduciary means, as opposed to the lower standard for sales people: “suitable” advice. We are fiduciary in everything we do, not some of our advice.

Why we use Schwab and Dimensional Funds
Why Use a Fee-Only Financial Planner

Meeting With Alpha

Your first two meetings with Alpha are at no cost nor obligation to sign on with us.


During these meetings we will assess your current investment plan and goals. We will then help you decide whether you need our advice, a different advisor, or are fine on doing it on your own. 

Alpha Financial Consultative Client Proc

We learn about you. You bring documents for us to analyze. We discuss your goals, your money history, your values. Understanding you in order to make the best recommendations for you.

Retirement Planning &
Financial Planning
  • College Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • 2nd Career Planning

  • Relocation considerations

  • Charitable Giving

  • Long Term Care Insurance vs. self-insured

  • Healthcare

  • Social Security Decisions

  • Pension selection of options

  • Benefits

  • Which assets to spend?

  • Retirement Income

Investment Advice &
Portfolio Planning
  • Goal setting

  • College Planning

  • Debt vs. Investments

  • Cash Flow

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Timeline adjustments

  • Tax Planning

  • Sale of Business tax planning

  • Stock grants, warrants, options

  • Asset class diversification

  • Rebalancing

  • Stock loss and gain harvesting

Young Family

Younger Clients

Everyone can benefit from building a road map to success, but young people are often left out of the process for several reasons:

  • Time – they are busy  building careers and starting families

  • Expense – one more item in an already tight budget

  • Knowledge – not knowing where to start or who might help

Realizing that the sooner, the better, we have developed an approach that is affordable. Our hope is that more young people can get off to a good start so that they can achieve all that is important to them.

Are you ready to start?

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Wealth Management

We help successful families and entrepreneurs make smart decisions about their money to achieve the independence and peace of mind they've earned.

To achieve your biggest goals, you need a process that coordinates all the moving parts of your financial life. This type of coordinated approach has become essential. We all face  financial challenges now -- from building and enhancing our wealth to protecting and passing it on to heirs to using it to support the people and institutions that we value most.

Would you be interested in exploring whether or not we would be the right firm for you?

Reviewing CV

Second Opinion

Second opinions are sometimes necessary in medicine because a misdiagnosis with our health can have significant consequences. The same is true of our financial well-being. A second opinion can help you determine if your portfolio is properly designed to achieve your goals, and it affords you the opportunity to make necessary changes before it is too late.

A financial second opinion also allows you to ask questions you may have but simply didn't know who to ask.

Receive a thorough, no cost analysis of your portfolio from our team of professionals.

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