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Building Wealth Clients

Building Wealth Clients

Building Wealth with Alpha

We are well aware that many of our clients are busy. Some of them are building their careers. Many are just starting a family or have young children with after-school activities. Others are returning to school for advanced degrees. They do not have time for meetings during regular office hours. They are, however, very technology savvy. They like to work at their own pace and want to have the flexibility to work when it is convenient. For these clients, we have developed a process using online tools to glean information about their financial situation. We use recorded webinars and podcasts to educate our clients about investments, insurance, and education planning for their children, and other issues that are important to our younger clients.

It is our mission to help our clients make the smartest possible decisions about their money and avoid the common pitfalls that trip them up, so that they can get what they want from life.

One of my favorites stories is about twins, Amy and Art, who graduated from college in their early 20s. Amy started investing $2000 annually in her IRA at age 25 and continued to do so for 10 years. Art waited until he was 35 to start putting money in his IRA. The investments in each account grew 8% annually. When the twins were 65, Amy had $305,568 and Art had $266,427, a difference of $39,142, even though Amy had only invested $20,000, but Art had invested $30,000. (Amy & Art.pdf)

It pays to start early and the Alpha Team wants to make sure every young person has that opportunity. Building Wealth Clients receive comprehensive financial planning and investment management service. Our fees for Building Wealth Clients are based on income, net worth and complexity of the situation. 


You can get started now by giving us call at 912.353.9343.

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