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Compared to other 401(k)'s, is yours a good deal?

Compared to other 401(k)'s, is yours a good deal?

Why not find out where yours stands compared to other 401(k)’s?

If you want to contribute confidently, it would help to know where it ranks, wouldn't it?  Or maybe you're undercontributing because you don't know where it stands.

We can evaluate its quality and tell you where it ranks in

  • generosity of the company match
  • quality of the investment fund choices you’re given
  • what costs you’re being charged (both hidden and disclosed) which every year skim off your nest egg

Give us a call and we’ll do the work for free, just to get a chance to know you, tell you about our services, and maybe someday you can mention us to your friend who needs an advisor.

Posted 7/16/2014 by Michael Dayoub, CFP®, MBA

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