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Did you pay your taxes yet?

If not, why not?  Maybe we can help?

If yes, then show them to us.  We might save you with some expert tax planning!

Are annuities safer than a conservative mix of stocks and bonds?

In the aftermath of 2008, a few advisors got sued by clients who felt they should have been recommended a guaranteed annuity instead of being exposed to the ups and downs of the stock and bond markets.

Compared to other 401(k)'s, is yours a good deal?

Why not find out where yours stands compared to other 401(k)’s?

If you want to contribute confidently, it would help to know where it ranks, wouldn't it?  Or maybe you're undercontributing because you don't know where it stands.

We can evaluate its quality and tell you where it ranks in

What "fiduciary" means to me

Fiduciary to me is an opportunity.

While other types of advisors may see Fiduciary as a liability because of the higher duty of care and responsibility, I view my Fiduciary role to be a clear result of our fee-only advisory practice.

Simple and Elegant

ELLE DECOR, one of my favorite magazines, talks about "Perfect Vision."

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